A step-by-step approach to successful trading. One-on-One currency trading coaching. No previous trading experience required.  We also offer One-on-One Online coaching for overseas residents.

One-on-One Forex Coaching
Getting Started - Welcome to the exciting world of Technical trading

NEW! Let Professional traders teach you how to trade your own Forex account. One-on-One Forex coaching in 10 hours.


Our courses are tailored for beginners and experienced forex traders. Based on our experience mentoring professional traders, the best way to learn how to trade the world's largest money market is through One-on-One coaching.


We offer a step-by-step trading course and gradually build your confidence and knowledge on currency trading. We do this by teaching you the fundamentals of technical analysis, followed by several trading strategies.


Is currency trading for you?

If you answer 'YES' to all the questions below then you are ready to be trained One-on-One by our expert traders.

Q. Want to know how to trade the forex market and how it works?

Q. Do you want to learn an easy strategy in 10 hours?

Q. Want to be taught by professional traders using live market?

Q. Are you sick of losing money on the money market?

Q. Need to generate passive income?

Q. Want to trade part-time without quitting your daily job?

Q. Sick of not following your own trading plans?


Our One-on-One trading course cover:

  • How the currency market works
  • How to manage equity sizing
  • Prepare your trading psychology
  • Help you identify quick trading opportunities in 5 mins
  • How to manage stop loss orders
  • How to open your own account
  • How to identify major support and resistance level

Our course takes 10 hours to learn, is easy and simple!

Our Training program is extremely simple to learn. It simply requires 10 hours of your time and internet connection. The important thing is that your guided by Professional Traders in the comfort of your own home or our professional offices.

Our best intention is to teach you how to use Technical Analysis to profit from trading online.

Over time and with practice you will gain market knowledge and understanding with the trading techniques available and hopefully become comfortable with their use.

Remember, that training and practising is a personal investment from your part. Not sure where this wise saying came from but always remember this "Yours efforts are your rewards".

Learn how to trade currency market from the comfort of your own home or our professional offices in Perth. We can also organise one-on-one coaching online via Skype or GotToMeeting.

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Feel free to browse our website and enjoy our free education.

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