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Please keep in mind that we are NOT teaching you fundamental analysis on this web site.

Technical Analyst for many stock broking firms, financial institutions use charts to track the price movement of a particular stock and for identifying past trends. You too can learn the tricks and learn how to read charts. At first time it might take you a while to start seeing price trends but with practice it will take you 5 seconds to identify long and short term trends.

There are lots of web site which provide you with charting tools, if you search hard enough you should be able to find free web sites for you to practice your technical analysis.  

Once you have a chart image with share price history, it is very easy to overlay indicators that establish significance to the share price movement.

Technical Analyst use past history to establish price trends and support and resistance points. They use this points to project forward areas where price activity and movement will repeast past performance.

For example, on the chart below you will notice the same stock price in April 2006 and mid June 2006.

You could have easily used your technical analysis and a bit of insight to note that if prices retreat back to the $3.60 stock price then probabilities are that there is a chance for the stock to bounce back from there, as it did Mid June 2006 (Highlighted by the second red circle below).



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