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At home you probably got taught discipline or maybe at school, but what we want you to develop is a different kind of discipline. The kind of discipline we are talking about relates to following your trading plan to the letter. You may spend countless hours studying your charts and preparing for your next trade but not sticking to your trading strategy during the trade can give you unexpected results.

Just remember to stick to your trading plan and keep learning, be disciplined and let the market do the work for you.


Have you heard of "Jesse Livermore" he was one of the world's greatest trader. Jesse's secret when trading the market was patience. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel here, so please wait for the right time, the right technical signals as explained on this web site before jumping on a trade.


Some of the world greatest athletes achieve gold medals simply because they believe in their own abilities. Trading is not different to being a top athlete. Prepare, do your own research and trade the plan. Having confidence in yourself means you do not ask anyone else what to do. Athletes talk to their coach after the race not during the race.

Look at the readings section and just about any technical analysis book will tell you how important self-confidence is. This applies to anything you do in life.

Most private traders are on their own.. be confident !






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