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Using Margin lending

Most day traders use leverage. So it is important to know how much exposure you allow your trading capital. Never allocate all your trading capital just for one or a couple of trades. Make sure you learn to trade small before you start going for the big shots. Once you have become confident with your trading technique, you can probably extend the amount of trading capital and risk a little more,  but never more than 10 -15% at a time.

There are many golden rules out there about day trading but  one of the most important one is to take money out of the market in small amounts. Don't trade for the big shots - don't go for broke. There are of course consequences for this: First, this will totally deplete your trading capital on a losing streak, it will devast you emotionally and psychologically. Most of the time you lose your goal/objective as to why you are in the trade in the first place. O.k every now and then you will win but not consistently and eventually the market will catch you out and as a result wipe you out !

Trade smart. Read this website over and over until you understand what the author is trying to tell you. Learn from the mistakes of others and don't try to re-invent the wheel..  Just remember that markets don't change, people do !






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