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Advanced Skills


You should not be reading this section unless you have read beginners and intermediary trading sections first! We want you to treat trading as a business so go back and read beginners and intermediary sections if you have skipped them. 

Congratulations if you have read all the way through this web site. Feel free to ask the author to expand on a particular section.  :)

O.k by now you would have learnt a lot about technical analysis and you can leverage from this knowledge and apply to every day market. However, we do not advise you to go and open your first online trading account unless you fully understand the following areas:

i ) Have a good understanding of where to place your stop loss. Whatever online trading platform you use make sure you open a demo trading account first  and then learn how to place conditional stop orders. This is essential.

ii ) In the beginners and intermediary trading sections we explained how to spot the direction of the trend, support and resistance. Make sure you know how to draw trend lines.

iii ) Make sure you also test your trading strategy for at least 2 months and get better than 70% result.


Do not expect good returns if you fail to understand the three vital points above!










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